Beachbody’s SummerSlimdown contest!

Beachbody’s #SummerSlimdown contest!

It’s time to slim down for summer, Let start with our April SummerSlimdown contest! you have the chance to win a Shakeology Taste Sampler all you have to do is take a few pictures

Here’s how to enter:
Post a photo of yourself (or someone you want to help) and a bathing suit (holding it, wearing it, etc.) to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram just include which program you’ll use to reach your fitness…

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Subway Bread: Time for a change

Subway Bread: Time for a change

Eating healthy on the go is always a challenge. in the late 90′s early 2000s  that choice seemed to be made easier with subway and Jared Fogle’s rise to stardom.  The idea someone could eat out every day and lose a couple hundred pounds was amazing. the marketing engine kicked in full steam. now subway sandwiches are viewed as one of the healthiest choices you can make. 

Truth is it has been one…

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Beachbody announces Pirated Copy Exchange Program

Beachbody announces Pirated Copy Exchange Programs

Many people burn or pirate copies of p90x  and insanity.  Often time those version are incomplete or lacking a portion of the actual program. In light of these being some of beachbodys oldest programs CEO Carl Daikeler announced a Pirated Copy Exchange Program. Where you can turn in your pirated copy and receive a authentic version.


This limited exchange program is no questions aske .  This is…

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